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Account Opening - FAQ'S

1. Do I need to come to the bank in person to open an account?

Most banks require in person meeting.

2. Must I wait for the whole completion of setting up my offshore company before opening a bank account for my company?

This is a must. Most banks require the company KYC documents to have a certain degree of credibility

3. Does setting up an offshore company mean that a bank account will automatically be opened for the company?

No. If you tick the bank account opening option, we shall-in close collaboration with yourself-choose the bank which most suits your needs from among our network of prime banks.

The bank will then decide if the account can be opened, depending on how comfortable they are with the nature of your business and the personal information provided by you.

4. How long does the bank complete the process of bank account opening for a company?

After submitting all required documents to the bank, the bank will conduct a compliance check.
Generally, the bank account can be approved and activated in 15 working days, depending on your bank of choice.

5. Which banks do you work with?

After submitting all required documents to the bank, the bank will conduct a compliance check.
BANKS JURISDICTION Account Officer Amount to open the Account. (minimum) -Juridic Person
BOSLIL BANK Saint Lucia Elden Edward $5,000.00
AFRASIA BANK Seychelles (Mauritius) Sabrina Khan Processing fees for the account opening for existing companies $1000.
MCB BANK – MAURITIUS Seychelles (Mauritius) Anaelle Pierre $25,000.00
BANK ONE – MAURITIUS Seychelles Sabrina Khan The minimum initial deposit of USD25,000 to be deposited into the account within 30 days of account oppening.
CIBC  FCIB BVI Account Opening from US$1,450
BANK OF ASIA BVI Account Opening Fee*: from US$1,450; Application Fee: US$1,000 (non-refundable); Activation Fee: from US$450 (upon account opening)
HAMILTON RESERVE BANK NEVIS Akinnia Glasgow $25,000.00
CAPITAL BANK Panama Yelenia Frías $20,000.00
CREDICORP BANK Panama Etelvina Davis $20,000.00
BANISI Panama Alejandra Calle $50,000.00
METRO BANK Panama Lourdes Cedeño $250,000.00 (Sólo se manejan con un segmento de “Clientes Diamond”
ST. GEORGES BANK Panama Jesslyn Rovi $500.00
MULTIBANK Panama Yaxiel Vergara $35,000.00
UNIBANK Panama Leo Benzion $20,000.00

6. Can I get a credit card and a ATM (debit) card with my corporate bank account?

Depending. This is subjected to bank service.

7. Which documents required for opening bank account for company?

Please check Account Requirements above.

8. Can I have a bank account with multiple currencies?

Depends on the Bank.

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