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Offshore Management & Corporate Services is a panama based offshore corporation company offers Panama offshore foundation, company formation and incorporation services online. We are the leading provider of provision of business services and respected offshore corporation company formation agent. Read More

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Accounting Services, Offshore Asset Protection Services, Offshore Banking, Offshore Trusts, Formation and Administration of Panama Foundations, Captive Insurance, Offshore Corporation Administration Services, Offshore Legal Services and Safe Custody of Documents and Securities. Read More

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Going offshore through an IBC allows the owner total control over their assets in the complete PRIVACY of an offshore center. All business, including investments and banking, is conducted under corporate ownership, keeping the name of the shareholders, directors and officers completely private. Read More

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The Latest on the Tourism Recovery From the British Virgin Islands

After the destruction of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the British Virgin Islands’ tourism industry had made serious headway recovering. Since losing over 90 percent of its accommodations and attractions last fall, the territory expects to have 75 percent of its marine berths and 37 percent of its land accommodations reopened by the end of 2018, with many of these […]

Netherlands Ponders New Aviation Tax

The two-month consultation launched on July 5, explores several options for an air transport tax, including national taxes based on either aircraft or departing passengers. The consultation also examines the possibility of an EU-level aviation tax. Under the Government’s proposals, a national per-passenger tax would be imposed at a rate of EUR3.80 (USD4.46) for flights […]

France’s trust ownership registry to be opened to the public

The French government will soon make public the register of beneficial ownership of trusts it set up in 2013.

Irish Tax Revenues Continue To Improve

Irish tax revenues for the first four months of 2016 were 3.5 percent above target, while the deficit was half that in the same period in 2015.

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