Why Go Offshore?

Going offshore through an IBC (International Business Corporation) allows the owner total control over their assets in the complete PRIVACY of an offshore center. All business, including investments and banking, is conducted under corporate ownership, keeping the name of the shareholders, directors and officers completely private. In the vast majority of cases, the banks are even forbidden by law to disclose client information.

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Why Asset Protection?

Asset Protection is the effort to protect assets for estate planning, or in the face of potential creditor attack. The procedure typically involves transferring assets into other entities, and to affirmatively shield them from potential foreign court awarded monetary judgments. This is done by employing an inventory of legal tools including: Asset Protection Trusts, Private Foundations, International Business Companies (sometimes referred to as IBC’s), and other custom devices. These tools can be configured to be either domestic or foreign entities.

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Our Offshore Services Group currently assists selected clients with:

* Management Services
* Corporate Services
* Administrative Services
* Accounting Services
* Corporate Services
* Trust Services
* Import / Export Services

Should you wish more information about these services, please Contact Us.