Malta’s proposition for the UK financial services industry presented at London’s Guildhall

Malta’s proposition for the UK’s financial services industry was presented to industry professionals last month at London’s Guildhall by FinanceMalta and practitioners from the financial services industry.

The London-based event was aimed at highlighting the advantages and high level of services that the Maltese jurisdiction has to offer to UK companies seeking to relocate to other jurisdictions. The event kicked off with a keynote address, followed by four focused panel discussions on asset management, insurance, private wealth and blockchain. Each discussion was held concurrently in separate rooms featuring a different panel for each topic.

Speaking about FinanceMalta’s participation, Wayne Pisani, Finance Malta governor, said: “The aim of our participation in this event was twofold. On one hand to network with leading UK and international stakeholders and on the other to promote Malta as a financial services centre of international repute.”

Dr Pisani added: “Malta has evolved into a platform for financial activity drawing on its rich history boasting millennia of mercantile activity as a business hub in the heart of the Mediterranean. As an EU jurisdiction with a robust and innovative regulatory framework, excellent infrastructure and a balmy Mediterranean climate, Malta is the ideal financial services platform for businesses looking to tap a strong double tax treaty network with EMEA markets and beyond.”

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Panama is the country in Latin America that has grown the most economically in the last decade

The public sector is one of the most important economic sectors in the country, in which major investments have been made in infrastructure, urban planning and transportation in recent years; and it is expected to continue regardless of the outcome of the next general election on May 5.
In this 2019 the last public works project of the Government of Juan Carlos Varela will be completed, which envisaged an investment of $ 19,000.

Based on the results of the new elections, it is expected that the incoming government will focus on areas such as infrastructure, logistics development and tourism.

Panama is characterized as an importer of almost all types of products except raw materials, due to its low industrial activity, as well as agricultural products, due to high tariffs.
Construction equipment and machinery are also an important part of the market, due to the investment in public works, as well as medical equipment.

Regarding the distribution channels, since it is a small market, it is common that the figure of the importer coincides with that of the wholesaler or even that it has retail outlets.
In general, these are importers with low specialization, who acquire a wide range of products.
80% of GDP is concentrated in Panama City, because it is the main business center. Other cities where it stands out that the Panamanian trade is in the Colon Free Zone and the city of David, in the province of Chiriqui.

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Government of Canada cracks down on tax evasion

Canada-tax-evasionThe Government of Canada has committed to crack down on tax evasion and tax avoidance. Most middle class Canadians pay their fair share of taxes, but some wealthy individuals avoid taxes by hiding their money in offshore tax havens. This is not fair and it needs to change. These wealthy Canadians should not be able to buy their way out of paying the income tax that they owe.

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